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Hell's Gate RPG

Hell's Gate Penitentiary
I see you're awake, Sunshine. Time to greet a new day and your new life.

You have been found guilty without chance of parole or recourse by the highest court of the land. You may think you have legal rights. You don't. You may think you get an appeal. It has been categorically denied. You may think you even deserve a phone call. No one wants to hear from a scumbag like you.

By now, I'm sure you've noticed the collar we've fitted you with. It makes all our lives easier. If you try to remove it, it'll blow your baby-fucking head off. Go ahead and try if you don't believe me.

Maybe you think you're innocent. Maybe you are. No one here gives a shit, least of all me. You're mine now, and never forget that you're here solely at my whim and for my entertainment.

Welcome to Hell's Gate, Sunshine. These walls will be your last living sight.
Aim of the Game
Hell's Gate aims to provide a few things:

A dark, unforgiving atmosphere. No Mr. Nice Guards on duty here. There is hardly a friendly NPC in sight, even among the NPC prisoner population. When night falls, not only is it quite dark in most places (sorry, no flashlights unless you find them yourselves, kiddies), but a plethora of deadly antagonists lurk everywhere in the shadows. Some will be monsters and apparitions of the type one might expect from a survival-horror game, while others . . . Well, let's just say that not every enemy is quite that simple. As well, violent character death is more than likely to occur should characters find themselves backed into a corner. Sure, they can always wake up again the next morning at the wishes of their players, but are you sure that's always a good thing?

That's not even getting into the many and varied forms that the twisted SNMB experience can take. We've had challenges ranging from the standard brainwashing of inmates to unique, surreal horror scenarios.

Quality writing. This game is mainly played via third-person prose, and as such, the ability to write with decent technical proficiency and IC character behaviour is very much appreciated here. We're not asking for perfection; the odd typos are fine (everyone makes them). Just so long as you don't write with incredible sloppiness or a general lack of punctuation/capitalization, you should be fine.

An ongoing plot. Want to play in an enclosed environment, but don't want to be in yet another game where characters end up with not much else to do but make small talk and escape attempts? You've found the right game. While escape attempts and exploration are a large part of the game initially, our admins have been working hard from the beginning behind the scenes on plotting and details that go beyond what one might expect from a game with this kind of premise. Special events that occur in Hell's Gate are not random; they will always tie back to the larger plot somehow, even if the way in which they tie in is not immediately apparent. As time goes on, players will make real progress in the storyline rather than stagnating.

General RulesApplication Guidelines
Character Application (ALWAYS OPEN!)

Taken CharactersFAQ SNMB (extra fun!)
General Shift/RP Information Day Shift Sequence of Events
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